Though a dog’s learning is never complete, they learn best when they are young. Without your intervention, your dog will learn, but not what you want it to. This is a vital time for influencing your dog’s behavior. Ensure your pup learns as much as is necessary, while it is still young, to live the life you plan for it. Early training includes making your new puppy learn how to behave properly in daily routine and deconditioning their bad habits.

Basic obedience

We begin training dogs their obedience exercises as early as they are of three to four months. All the obedience training is inducive. The dogs are rewarded with pats, playful activity and by feeding tidbits, and they are punished by not being patted, played with or fed. In basic obedience training we teach your dog about eight lessons. It includes basic commands that are useful for further training and dog’s good behavior. The dogs that pass this training are qualified for the general obedience.

General obedience

In the general obedience, your dog will learn minimum 26 (+ - 2) lessons and it covers all the general requirements of a dog lover. Dog will behave properly inside and outside the house. Our general training makes your dog a well mannered and educated dog. After the completion of the general obedience, a dog qualifies for the advance training.

Advance Training

Dogsplay also offers advance training to your dog. Here your dog can be trained to perform special tasks as per your need. Dogsplay offers you following services:-

a) Scent work

We train dogs to perform some special tasks using their smelling power. It includes

· Tracking: Schooling the dog

· Drugs detection

· Explosive detection

· Dead body detection

b) Guard training

We train dogs to secure you and your property. We also train dogs for industrial protection where they are made to interact with many people. We also teach these guard dogs to be good companion. We train our dogs for

· Personal protection

· House protection

· Industrial protection


c) Show Training

At Dogsplay, we also train our students for dog shows. We train dogs for both obedience and breed shows.

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