Born in a family of dog lovers, caring for and loving dogs has come naturally to me. My father is a dog breeder and owns the Him Hunter Kennel in Faridkot. By profession, he is a senior Advocate. Growing up amongst these wonderful animals. I found my purpose in life. It led me to devote my life to my new found passion - breeding and training dogs.

My love for dogs and the dedication towards my work reflect in the numerous awards bagged by the dogs trained by me.

In a successful career spanning 20 years of training dogs, I have trained over 900 dogs of almost every breed - from Toy Pomeranians and Pugs to Saint Bernards,Great Danes,Neapolitan mastiffs and Rottweilers. I love Rottweilers. Lovelina alias Razia, Nawab, Sparky Sidhu, Firoza Sidhu Von Eveman,Austin Sharma, Goofi Sahni are the few of them who won the top awards in obedience compititions as well as in breed copititions.

My first love

In 1978, aged 13, I took my first step in training by breeding the sporty Boxers.

In 1982, aged 17, I started my training career under the able guidance of late Sardar Tara Singh Chauhan (then in-charge of the Ferozepur Dog Squad)

In 1983, I moved to Delhi and joined my uncle, a former police dog trainer. Working with him gave me extensive exposure to the intricacies of training almost every breed of dogs - from the ferocious Dobermans to the docile Labradors.

Start of the success tail

The long tale of my success began in the year 1985, when Rover, a Dobermann, won me the first award in the obedience competition organised by the Federation of Kennel Club of India in New Delhi.

Dawar, also a Dobermann, won me the second award the very next year in 1986, at the Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Club, New Delhi. This dashing canine was also adjudged the No. 1 dog in the professional contest held later that year.

Subsequently, in the years 1997, 1998, and 1999, I and my dog squad bagged the top trophies. I won the best dog trainer award six times in a row under six different judges at different places in the country, defeating the all-popular Railway Protection Force, the Northern Railways, Southern Railways and Western Railways teams. My team also outclassed the Haryana Police Dog Squads twice in 1997 and 1998.


The most prestigious book of records LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS recognized and honoured me. They featured my name in LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS as a BEST DOG TRAINER SIX TIMES IN A ROW in their 2000 Edition (Millennium Edition) on page no.186 in hard bound and on page no.325 in paper bound.
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