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Q. What breed would be a good choice for a family pet with our children?

· For a child’s pet, avoid the toy or delicate miniature breeds that may be inadvertently injured by youngsters.

· The medium-sized breeds, like Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels, are really good choices as they are very good companions and intelligent. They are gentle with the kids, but must not be left unattended with infants because of their weight.

· Smaller dogs that make excellent companion for children include Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the English Cocker Spaniel. Important point to remember is that teach your children the proper way to handle these pets. They must respect their companions as living begins and not treat them as battery operated toys.

Q. How long does it take for a dog to settle in with owner?

· The time it takes for a pup to adjust to a new situation depends on its age and how it is handled. If you are consistent in your treatment of a 7-10 week old pup and keep it on regular schedule, it will adapt to your home and lifestyle within a week.

· If you play with the pup, and train, pet, and groom it every day it will quickly become the member of the family.

· Use coaxing and some small tidbits to teach it the name you have chosen for it.

· Reward it for coming to you when called and for asking to go outdoors.

Q. Why do puppies chase their tales?

· The pup may not immediately identify the tail as its own/the behavior is soon abandoned as the puppy grows, and it is harmless, provided that the puppy shows no sign of discomfort.

· This behavior is most often seen in puppies that have recently separated from their littermates, and probably reflects the puppy’s earlier play with its companions.

· Playing with the puppy will distract it from behaving this way.

Q. Why does my dog always gulp his food down, rather than chewing it? It seems he is starving, but this isn’t the case?

· This is an ancestral characteristic. Having made a kill, wolves are vulnerable to other predators. They therefore eat as much as they can.

· The shape of their teeth shows that dogs are not equipped to grind food, but to tear it into chunks for swallowing.

· If your dog stops gulping its food and appears to eat reluctantly, it may have a dental problem. Don’t examine your dog’s mouth, which is likely to be tender. Your vet will carry out a proper investigation of the cause, and can sedate your pet if necessary.

Q. What should I do if my dog runs away?

· Always try to watch where your dog is, and call it back to you at frequent intervals, especially if it appears to be straying. If the dog suddenly bounds away, don’t chase it.

· Your dog will see this as a game and will probably continue running, and you will be unlikely to catch up with it. Instead, stand your ground, and call the dog back to you. It can be helpful you to train your dog to respond to the sound of a high-pitched dog whistle.

· Although the whistle is inaudible to human ears, the sound carries a long distance and is detected by the dog’s highly sensitive ears. If all else fails, head back to your car and it is possible that you may find your dog waiting for you.

Q. How should I stop my dog from jumping at people?

Many dogs behave in this way. It is often a sign of excitement or attention-seeking, but it needs to be discouraged since the dog’s claws could inflict a painful scratch or snag clothing. As soon as it behaves in this way, take hold of your puppy’s front legs close to the ground, giving the command “NO!”

· Before long, your puppy should stop the behavior.

· Adopt the same procedure if the puppy tries to stand on your knees when you are sitting or attempts to stand up on a counter.

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