What is DOG?

The most popular pet worldwide is the dog. It holds a unique position in the human society. In today's hard-paced and materialistic life, people may have been left with little time for anyone but their immediate family members, but dogs have always found a place of pride in homes.

The reason: Dogs are such agreeable friends, they ask no question, make no criticism, they won't let out your secrets - and all this just for your attention, love and affection in return.

There are thousands of stories of a dog's faithfulness and many of them about a dog dying to save the life or property of his owner.

One such true story is of Sanju. In 1992, the nine-year-old boy Sanju born again. Born again? Yes, Born again. Mr Khanna of Kullu presented a German Shepherd male pup to his son, Sanju, on his birthday in 1990. Sanju was very happy with his new-found toy and he named him Sultan. One day after two years, Mr Khanna, Sanju and Sultan were going for a walk, when Manoj, a friend of Sanju, called him from the other side of the road. Without caring for the coming traffic, Sanju ran towards his friend. Suddenly, Mr Khanna saw a speeding car coming from the other side of the road. By this time, Sanju was in the middle of the road. Shocked, Sanju kept standing in the middle of the road, not knowing which way to run. Finding his master in danger, Sultan ran towards Sanju. He jumped at him and pushed him to the other side of the road. Though he managed to save Sanju, the speeding car crushed him.

"Leader dogs for the blind" dog house Rochester (Michigan) USA is providing excellent services to the humanity. This institute is trying to provide light to the blind and about 75 workers of institute are training 300 dogs, men and women every year.

One skin specialist, Dr Armed Kagnetts of Florida, contacted a famous dog trainer Mr Duaan Pikkle. He asked whether Pikkle could train a dog to trace cancer cells. And to everyone's amazement, Mr Pikkle and his dog George gave positive results to DR Armed. Now, the Health Deptt of Florida will check the result of this two-year pilot programme. Last month, the police commissioner of Bangkok decided to award a Labrador dog ' BRAVO' for his excellent services. Bravo helped the department detect one quintal of heroin, brown sugar and more than 2 lakh drug pills. His trainer, Major John, is very happy and he is proud of 'Bravo'. Similarly, two years ago one lab bitch also traced heavy explosives in Mumbai and save hundreds of lives.

In 1992, the authorities of public school at Surajpur ACC Cement Factory did away with the practice of keeping guards to watch the school premises. The school administration sent two German Shepherds and one Doberman to me at Dagshai for guard training. I sent them back after the completion of training. After a few months, I read in the newspaper that my proud students had pinned down two persons trying to scale the school wall. The intruders were cornered and had to be rescued from the ferocious dog by the school staff and were admitted in the hospital.

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