How do we train?

Training a dog is like building a character. Untrained dog is like an illiterate person; he doesn't know how to move and behave properly. If a trained dog is your good companion or your faithful guard, an untrained dog is just like hell for you.

There are more than hundreds of techniques to train a dog in the world. Every day, some or the other dog trainer or dog lover is evolving a new training system. Some trainers train physically, some use clickers and others use specific collars to train dogs.

We treat dogs psychologically. We are using different methods on different dogs. First of all, we check the temperament and the nature of the dog. Actually, the real trainer is the dog. Every dog poses different problems and solving that problem for over 20 years now, we have learnt a lot. We first go understand the psychology of a dog and make him our good friend, and then only we start training him. Shouting and screaming at a dog is not the right way, as a dog is not deaf. In fact, his hearing power is 50 times more than us. Our aim is to "TRAIN WITHOUT TORTURE".

Puppies are just like human kids. You must have noticed that when we teach something to the child in a playful manner, they learn very fast. The same rule applies to the puppies. We use the same playway methods to train a dog. It doesn't matter how much time you are putting on training your dog, what matters is how you are training them and what system you are adopting to train your dog. One should never overburden the dog during the training period, as this is the time when your pup is growing mentally as well as physically. If you maltreat your pup at this age, the negative effects will show when your pup grows up.

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