How do Dogs think?

Does your dog think? More than hundred of people asked me this question. Yes! Dog thinks like a dog. Sometime it is uncanny for you when you start observing closely to your pet. Certainly you will feel that your dog can read your mind. But is it your mind he is reading or has he memorized your behavior pattern?

Here is an example: Anamika always tie Deeva with a chain before leaving for her job. After a month or so she was surprised when Deeva came to her with chain in her mouth when she was about to leave. '' what an intelligent dog is Deeva," thought Anamika , she knows that I am going to my office.

Sometime you think the dog can read your mind and dog also give the same appearance. But it is not true. Dogs play with each other physically and communicate also trough body language what actually happens dogs always wants to please their master. They learn to anticipate your habits and quickly they become expert through reading your action and body language.

Deeva noticed and observed that Anamika gets ready, spend some time in front of mirror for putting on her makeup, tie her with chain and leave for job every morning. Deeva's cue to get chained was seeing Anamika getting ready and putting her makeup in front of mirror.

Then one night, Anamika and I planned to go for dinner, When Anamika started her makeup putting on, Deeva came there with chain in her mouth. Then we realized the Deeva had not been reading her mind, but had learned the daily routine through observation.

It is totally give and take system. The more time you devote with your dog the better you will become at knowing what your dog thinks. Very soon you will come to know through his body language, his way of waging tail, his eyes, his up and down ears that what he is thinking at the moment. In this way you too can learn what goes through your dog's mind by using your power of observation.

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