Thousands of people asked me this question that which one is better, DOG OR BITCH?

Even in pre-pubertal puppies, there are sex differences in behaviour. There are distinct differences in behaviour between the Male and Female but there is no difference between the sexes in excitability, nervous barking, or defensive barking.

DOGS: Male puppies have "masculinized" brains, affected by a surge of testosterone just before birth. Males are more likely to try to be dominant over their owners, act aggressively with other dogs, defend their territories, and be generally more active. To a lesser extent, they are more playful, destructive, and likely to be snappy with children. Male dogs are more likely to urine mark territory and to wander.

BITCHES: Females remain behaviourally "neutral" until puberty. Females are easier to obedience train and house train. They also demand more affection. Females have two heat cycles each year that involve blood-tinged vaginal discharges lasting about a week. If anybody ignores the two heat cycles then Females more loving, more caring, more dedicated, more affectionate comparatively to the Males.

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