Curing Bad Habits?

There is no such thing as a perfect dog. Even the gentlest, most obedient and well-behaved dog can develop bad habits. Understand why your dog misbehaves and, if possible, remove the cause otherwise it will create the problem in his further training.

Prevention is always better than cure. The dog is a very loving and affectionate animal; they don’t have feelings for revenge.

Dogs that destroy things at home when left alone do so not for reasons of revenge, but because they are bored, frustrated or suffering from separation anxiety. Some habits that we find unpleasant are part of normal dog behavior, making them difficult to overcome, but consistent retraining is usually effective. In case of serious bad habits, seek help from a recommended professional trainer.

Understanding Habits

In order to correct bad habits, you must first understand how they developed. You may find some behavior unacceptable, but to your dog it might be the natural way to behave.

When a problem develops, work out the reason for it. Ask yourself whether the dog realizes that you regard it as wrong, and ascertain whether the behavior can be prevented, redirected, or changed – either by yourself or a trainer.

Natural behavior

Chewing bones, or toys that look like bones, is normal canine behavior. Chewing a shoe covered in human scent is natural for dog, but it is an unacceptable behavior to humans. Prevent this bad habit by never giving the dog old shoes to chew. The dog will learn to restrict its chewing to allowable objects only.

Destructive behavior

Although destructive is satisfying to dogs, it is unacceptable to humans. Giving the dog too many toys teaches it to destroy other items. Limit the toys that you make available to the dog to three or four that are different from the household articles. Many dogs delight in chewing objects, shredding newspapers, and even peeling wallpaper from walls. However, this desire to be “creative” requires acceptable objects, such as bones or chewies.


It is important that the dog understands what behavior is unacceptable. Only discipline the dog when it is actively behaving and reprimand it using a stern voice. Discipline the dog as soon as he misbehaves, since later it will not be able to understand the reason behind your anger.

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